Men's Happy is the New Rich t-shirt

$ 20.00

Guys, this will quickly become your favorite piece of clothing. This American made 60/40 ring spun cotton/poly blend t-shirt fits perfectly and wears well. The way it falls on your shoulders and makes you look like you have abs will turn you into the muscle man you always wanted to be, without having to lift those pesky weights*. In addition, when you wear this t-shirt, you will watch strangers become friends right before your eyes. They’re immediately disarmed by the warm and welcoming text on your gigantic barrel chest. Men will know you're a good dude, not to be messed with, and women will get the feeling that you just instinctively know how to take care of people. They'll want to know more about the kind of person who would wear a shirt with such a simple, yet profound message on it. Also, it'll make your arms look big.
*This is a joke. Do not try to sue me for false advertising.